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“I love how I can pick up this little jewel of a book when I only have a quick minute – and find a message that brings hope to my heart and a smile to my lips. Off I go! Remembering that happiness is a choice.” – Carolyn Bolton, Positive Outlooks

“Colorful, insightful, soothing, and empowering, In the Garden of Happiness is the perfect gift for anyone-of any age-who appreciates vibrant art and bite-size pieces of inspiration.” – Lori Deschene, author of the bestselling book Tiny Buddha

“This book is full of positivity, which is what I need and want in my life. This book was not written to be read from cover to cover. Each page holds inspirational and uplifting words that make you think.” – 1 Stop Mom

“As always, Dodinsky uplifts his readers with wise words of self-empowerment and guidance. ” – Stress-Free Baby

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