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In The Garden Of Happiness


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“I love how I can pick up this little jewel of a book when I only have a quick minute – and find a message that brings hope to my heart and a smile to my lips. Off I go! Remembering that happiness is a choice.” – Carolyn Bolton, Positive Outlooks

“Colorful, insightful, soothing, and empowering, In the Garden of Happiness is the perfect gift for anyone-of any age-who appreciates vibrant art and bite-size pieces of inspiration.” – Lori Deschene, author of the bestselling book Tiny Buddha

“This book is full of positivity, which is what I need and want in my life. This book was not written to be read from cover to cover. Each page holds inspirational and uplifting words that make you think.” – 1 Stop Mom

“As always, Dodinsky uplifts his readers with wise words of self-empowerment and guidance. ” – Stress-Free Baby

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In The Garden Of Thoughts


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“I love the compact size of this beautiful little book. And it has wonderful, uplifting images with quotes that inspire. I think it’s much like a book designed for the child in all of us. Not sure what age can start reading this and understand, but it is a great book to share with adult friends who need a pick-me-up.” – T.M. Grand

“This is a book that makes one reflect, and the messages will help the person who has suffered judgement, has been put down, has been or going through great obstacles in life, has fears holding them back, is down in life and so forth. I think everyone can relate to these positive thoughts. This collection of positive messages would make a great gift for anyone who may be going through a rough spell, even young ones and especially teens. Or perhaps for that friend who has been there for you, that co-worker who is helpful to everyone, or that person who always knows what to say to cheer you up. The book is attractive and could be left on a coffee table where it is sure to be picked up, leaving the reader with thoughts on which to ponder and meditate. ” –Laura Fabiani, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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